i'm sukka.....

i'm just some guy who really likes drawing erotica and pin-ups! most of the time i draw my OCs that i made with my wife, apri, and these OCs? are like, one of the most important things in my life. so expect to see a lot of them.

you can support me and my work on patreon! i appreciate all the support, and hope i can create ppl nice things to look at! if you're interested in getting custom art made by me for yourself, check out the commissions section of this website!


Q: what program do you use for art?

- photoshop CC

Q: can i repost/use your art for X?

- no, do not repost my art nor use my art for any personal or commercial use. personal use is ok if it's a commission done specifically for you. & we can discuss the possibility of commercial licence on a piece i've done for you.

Q: why have you blocked me on twitter?

- i block a lot of bigots and fanpo/antis and blockchain their followings. you probably got caught in a blockchain if you think those labels don't fit you!
send me a curiouscat with ur username to get unblocked

Q: why do you agree with pro-shipper views?

- i dont want to stand behind the label proship because of the racism and harrassment done by people in that group. but i do think fiction is a safe place to explore dark and terrible subject matters in a way that does not directly harm others.

buuuut, i do not condone harrassment of any kind, so i've decided to just be a social hermit cause ppl cant fucking behave!!! if you harrass someone, no matter how good your excuse is, you're a shit person and i don't wanna associate or interact with you, and you should block me. (i will block ppl i see harrassing others, anti-, proship or otherwise.)

Q: why do you draw fordic so much?

- cause i wanna

Q: who are the characters you draw?

- they're OCs created by me and apri in like.. 2011! i love them! we're working on an info page for all the characters, to make it easier for people to find out stuff about them! i will link it on this website when it's ready.

Q: i have a question that isn't answered here..

A: you can send questions to me on retrospring or DM me on twitter if it's something more private!