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Woona : 2022/09/23(Fri) 10:11 ID : 6e815ad7 *

1663895474249.png (155 KB) PaintTime : 1hr 45min 17sec
no title by Woona

I almost got 44 min 44 seconds but I kept missing the "Send" button
Woona is Sal because Sal made a mistake

[14] Re: no title : sukka : 2022/09/24(Sat) 16:00 ID : 20751d94

this is so beautiful...! & it looks like you had fun!! ´w` pretty twilight...
i like your use of the halftone brush with the painterly stuff.. what a nice look!

[18] Re: no title : The Pinkster : 2022/09/24(Sat) 21:30 ID : 6fe71cd6

Super Agree with sukka here, this stuff rocks and I love the lighting on her hair. Not to mention how detailed the background is....